"NCNS is the 'neighborhood' school you always imagined your children attending. Our daughter was crazy about her NCNS teachers—who mix a lot of fun into a serious curriculum. You get to know your children's classmates and teachers first hand as a parent-helper, and that creates a bond with the school and everyone there."
— Karin Daly Toth, NCNS parent

"NCNS has given my children the social confidence that facilitates a lifetime of learning and connection to others."
— Karen Marnick, NCNS parent

 "Mrs. Dee and the staff do a wonderful job fostering creativity and self-expression in the kids, emphasizing kindness and caring and maintaining an atmosphere of growth and independence."
— Su Lan Chen Shediac, NCNS parent

"To us, NCNS is much more than a school for our sons – it is a wonderful community that nurtures and supports our entire family."
— Laura Remington, NCNS parent

"My daughter grew so much in her time at NCNS. It was amazing how NCNS nurtured her needs as a 3-4 year old while simultaneously building her confidence and independence. I love what her teachers allowed her to become."
— Tamara Wickramasighe, NCNS parent

"I love entering the hall and witnessing everyone's smiling faces. It truly is a warm environment."
— Hyun Ju Minton, NCNS parent

"NCNS has been a fantastic first school experience for my daughters and my family. NCNS provides a warm and vibrant environment in which children can grow, learn, and play at their own pace. We've also found the cooperative aspect invaluable. We've been able to see and learn from the talented teachers and staff in the classroom and become part of a wonderful community of families."
— Marie Simpson, NCNS parent

"I could not imagine a more ideal preschool experience than being at NCNS, especially in the loving care of Mrs. Koss."
— Candace Gatti, NCNS parent

"Our family and our son experienced a wonderful first year at NCNS! Having just moved from out-of-state, we were nervous about how our son would transition into a new school. The warm welcome from the staff, parents, and children immediately relieved our concerns. NCNS is group of caring, nurturing, and dedicated families. We feel very grateful to have found this wonderful nursery school!"
— Clay Tappan, NCNS parent