The Neighborhood Cooperative is like a warm embrace. It is nurturing and meets my child where she is (on any given day), allowing her to build on existing skills or create new skills. I am very happy with her teacher and with the program.

This school is all about friendship, feeling welcome, encouraging the development of all types of learning and activities, and celebrating your individual strengths.

Neighborhood is one of the best investments in my children's education and life I will ever make!

We could not be happier with our experience at the Neighborhood Cooperative. My older child still recalls wonderful memories at the school, and my younger child is a student and is so happy there. The teachers, administrators and classroom environment have brought out the best in them.

As a previous student and now a parent it has been a loving and welcoming part of my life for many years. I am so grateful that my children have been able to have the same warm and welcoming experience just as I had. They love the Neighborhood and the teachers they have had. The other parents and the community are so helpful and take pride in the school which shows.

The Neighborhood Cooperative Preschool Program helped my children most by showing them how to be a kind, loving and understanding person, by teaching them important foundations and by instilling a love of learning.

The Neighborhood Cooperative is the 'neighborhood' school you always imagined your children attending. Our daughter was crazy about her teachers—who mix a lot of fun into a serious curriculum. You get to know your children's classmates and teachers first hand as a parent-helper, and that creates a bond with the school and everyone there.

The Neighborhood Cooperative has given my children the social confidence that facilitates a lifetime of learning and connection to others.

The Neighborhood Cooperative has been a fantastic first school experience for my daughters and my family. The school provides a warm and vibrant environment in which children can grow, learn, and play at their own pace. We've also found the cooperative aspect invaluable. We've been able to see and learn from the talented teachers and staff in the classroom and become part of a wonderful community of families.

Our family and our son experienced a wonderful first year at the Neighborhood Cooperative! Having just moved from out-of-state, we were nervous about how our son would transition into a new school. The warm welcome from the staff, parents, and children immediately relieved our concerns. The Neighborhood is group of caring, nurturing, and dedicated families. We feel very grateful to have found this wonderful school!