Mission: To provide a safe, nurturing environment in which each child can develop in his or her unique and special way.

Neighborhood Cooperative Nursery School’s philosophy begins with our view of the child. We believe that children are filled with wonder and capable of deep cognitive exploration. Given a warm and supportive environment, a child’s innate curiosity is the greatest impetus to learning.

We strive to nurture children’s sense of wonder and to help them build a foundation for lifelong learning. We guide our children toward both self-expression and respect for others. We place special importance on the social and emotional development of each child, building a good self-image and confidence to work well with others. 

We believe that the process of learning is more important than the product. Our teachers’ daily planning stimulates creativity and innovative thinking. Thoughtful questions and comments help children reach their next level of understanding.

At the Neighborhood Cooperative, our families are our partners. Together, educators and parents create a place where children can safely expand their boundaries while supported by a community that maintains a strong connection between home and school.

We honor individual differences in growth, culture, and learning styles while supporting the development of each and every child.