Fun on the Farm!

I hope everyone enjoyed the long weekend! The 3's classes went on their first field trip of the year to Wright Locke Farm last week. They went on a tour, visited the animals, picked raspberries, played games, and went on a tractor ride! The 4's classes will visit this Friday the 17th, and Jackie Dee's classes will visit on Monday the 20th. 

We are continuing to be vigilant about disinfecting the classrooms and the bike room to prevent the spread of illness. Once again, a big thank you to Jackie's PM parents who have been helping out with the bike room at the end of the day. 

NCNS teachers will be attending a "Yoga and Movement in the Classroom" workshop this month! We hope to bring back some fun strategies to put to use at NCNS. Looking forward to seeing you all this week.

Janel Nagtegaal
Director NCNS