At NCNS, parents participate in and help shape the magic of their child's first school experience. Parents are involved in every aspect of the school, from making snacks to making policy. Parents run our Board of Directors, help fund and maintain our facility, and work alongside teachers in the classrooms.

NCNS' cooperative nature bridges the gap between home and school. It offers parents the privilege of developing real relationships with their children's teachers and classmates. Children, in turn, become comfortable with more adults from diverse backgrounds. Our collaborative environment also allows parents to observe and learn from NCNS' creative, experienced educators.

Perhaps the most wonderful part of a cooperative is the sense of community that develops among parents as they serve on committees together, celebrate birthdays, welcome new babies and share their parenting successes and challenges. Many long-lasting friendships, among both children and adults, begin at NCNS.

Common questions


• What is expected of parents at NCNS?

A parent is expected to work in the classroom approximately once a month. In addition, each family takes on one Work Bank job, such as serving on our Board of Directors, or supporting a committee to help maintain our facility, plan field trips and social events, raise funds, etc. 


• Is a cooperative feasible if both parents work?

It certainly can be! The parent-help schedule is developed well in advance to accommodate preferences for days and to allow working parents to arrange for time off. We work with each family to find the right Work Bank job to suit your talents and other obligations in your family's life. 


• What if my child has a younger sibling at home?

Although siblings are welcome in the Bike Room each morning, we ask you to arrange care outside of school for other children when you parent-help. Members of our cooperative often share babysitters and take turns caring for one another's younger children on their parent-help days.


• What if I have more than one child in the school?

A parent-help schedule will be developed to allow you to participate in both children's classrooms about once a month. Your family is responsible for one Work Bank job, regardless of the number of children enrolled at NCNS.